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Discovering, developing and delivering a better healthcare future for all of us

The expectations for how healthcare should be delivered have quickly changed due to the deep integration of technology in our lives. UCB has been rapidly investing in our digital business transformation to unleash the power of digital innovation throughout our company, to help achieve better outcomes for patients, faster.  
With the right partners, the right capabilities and tools, and most importantly the strong dedication and passion of our teams, we can lead the way in transforming the patient experience, paving the way to better health. And we’re doing it for one reason, to give people living with severe diseases more control over their lives.

How digital solutions deliver better patient outcome
Learn more about UCBs digital tranformation journey so far..
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Digital Business Transformation at UCB

UCB's first Digital Health Incubator Demo Day


Digital transformation: how technologies and digital innovation help us make a meaningful impact to people living with rheumatic diseases

DCTx team working hand-in-hand with Epihunter

Being a part of our journey means..

      Transformative projects
Work on multiple, cross-functional projects combining cutting-edge science and groundbreaking technologies that will contribute to building a more connected, more patient-centric healthcare ecosystem.
Diverse & inclusive teams
Collaborate and learn as part of an empowered team alongside individuals with a variety of backgrounds, thoughts and experiences, who share your passion for deepening the understanding of the patient experience through technology and data.
Patient value
​​​​​​​Apply your digital expertise and passion in an environment where you have the space to innovate and develop while contributing to ensuring that patients can live the lives they choose, now and in the future.
You can make an impact!

Imagine how you can apply your competencies in key data and technology areas across our Research & Development, Information Technology, Go-To-Market, Insights-to-Impact and Digital Care Transformation teams. 

  • Accelerate R&D by combining cutting-edge science, computing power and AI algorithms that will contribute to significantly improve patients' overall journey, the impact of treatment and clinical development timelines. 
  • Contribute to driving commercial performance by using algorithms to interpret internal and external data sources, gaining insights to meet customer and patient needs. 
  • Use automation and AI to keep patients safer while adhering to regulatory standards with smart safety nets to detect and document adverse events.
  • Advocate a culture of datadriven decision making by acting as a bridge between the business functions and the technical teams.
  • Improve patient access to care by using network science to map and understand the complexity of healthcare ecosystems.
  • ​​​​​​​Use deep learning in innovative ways such as automatically detecting fractured vertebra.
  • Develop new digital capabilities through cocreation, external partnerships as well as exploring new channels and platforms.
  • Solve key challenges in our workforce such as assessing the impact on employees during and post covid19, and new ways of working that support our employees' health and well-being. 

Are you ready to bring your ability to adapt, your curiosity to learn and your eagerness to explore digital solutions that can have a meaningful impact on the lives of patients? Then you might find yourself in the right place at UCB.