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Join UCB to help change lives in Rare Disease

We are driven by patient value, not patient numbers

At UCB, we are committed to helping patients with rare diseases. Our scientific capabilities are matched by our empathy and deep understanding of patient experiences. We seek to understand the unique challenges they face, and we are agile in our approach to develop solutions that meet the needs of each individual patient making a real difference in their lives. 

From pioneering new medicine discovery through to delivery of innovative access solutions, in everything we do, we put patients first. We team with physicians, nurses, patients, parents and caregivers to ensure that everyone has access to the best possible care.


Delivering value for Rare Disease Communities

UCB's Rare Disease journey and commitment...

A unique opportunity to connect with the Global Neurology Community

Donatello Crocetta, Head of Global Rare Disease & Rare Medical

Collaborating with the patient community, for the patient community, in Myasthenia Gravis

Patient-First, Patient-Focused: Our Purpose and Promise on Rare Disease Day
Kim Moran, Head of U.S. Rare Disease at UCB

Recognizing Rare Disease Day Every Day

Jeff Boutelle, Head, U.S. Rare Disease Strategy

UCB strengthens its robust rare disease pipeline with the acquisition of Zogenix

Transformative agility
Adopting an agile and entrepreneurial approach, work across multiple, cross-functional projects combining cutting-edge science, groundbreaking technologies, stakeholder insights and collaboration,  contributing to differentiated solutions that will deliver differentiated patient value.
Diverse & inclusive teams
Collaborate and learn as part of an empowered team alongside individuals with a variety of backgrounds, thoughts and experiences, who share your passion for delivering value to patients living with Rare Diseases.
Patient value in Rare Disease
Apply your Rare Disease  expertise and passion in an environment where you have the space to innovate and develop while contributing to ensuring that patients can live the lives they choose, now and in the future.
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Grow your career in Rare Disease at UCB, learn about opportunities as they open...
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UCB in Rare Diseases

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