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Join UCB in Rare Diseases

We are driven by patient value, not patient numbers

Whether a severe disease impacts many people or just a few, our goal is to help provide what patients value so they can achieve their best, whatever that means for them.

UCB has one of the most exciting auto-immune inflammatory disease portfolios in the world - with untapped potential to deliver transformative value to patients living with a range of rare auto-immune diseases. We aspire to lead by supporting patients on their journey from unpredictability to control, learning from their invaluable insights to guide the way.

When we take the time to truly listen, understand and partner with people living with rare diseases, UCB can help provide value that makes lives better beyond just treatment. As long as there is a need in severe diseases, common or rare, our quest won’t stop.
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UCB in Rare Diseases For more on our mission and programs, visit UCB in Rare Diseases.