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Date: Feb 17, 2019

Location: Anderlecht, Brussels, BE

Global Marketing and Innovation Excellence Lead


Impact of the role

As part of UCB’s sustained commitment to serving patient needs at best, UCB is progressively making a paradigm shift away from a traditional development and commercial value chain towards patient value based models, in order to bring differentiated solutions (drugs+ device + services) to the right patients with the right speed and right access across the globe.


To drive this critical adaptation based on what tomorrow’s patient solutions will look like in a truly patient-centric organization, the Global Marketing and Innovation Excellence Lead will play a critical role. As a member of the Marketing and Patient Access Practice, she/he will:


  • From “patients to science”: through a deep understanding/key insights of patients, define which “lives”/patients to focus on, given patients’ unmet needs and our ability/capabilities to solve for them,
  • From “science to solutions”: for these patients, design and develop competitive brands/solutions (drugs + devices + services) to generate the best “outcomes” (desirable, feasible and viable, to help patients achieve their goals) for key stakeholders in their disease ecosystem,
  • From “solutions to patients”: ensure that the brands/solutions are efficiency delivered, generating the best “individual patient experience”, societal value, and creating sustainable company value for UCB.


In order for the Global Marketing and Innovation Excellence Lead to be in a partner position with the PVUs, she/he understands and delivers on the following 3 elements of our value proposition:

  • Through our career experiences, external network, curiosity & passion, allocation of our time & resources, we have deep marketing expertise to provide the right “best for UCB” methodologies and partner on the content, for today and tomorrow.
  • Through our UCB transversal role, working with all the assets/brands, we cross-pollinate brand/portfolio strategies and tactics across the whole lifecycle, learn at the enterprise level, and ensure synergies where possible.
  • Through our Communities of Practice, we identify and mobilize the right talents to address the right business challenges, and by doing so, we break the silos, and utilize our internal resources instead of/in combination with external partners.



  • Develops, applies and embeds the UCB marketing methodologies across the organization,
  • Partners with the PVUs to enrich and challenge the Patient Value Brand plans,
  • Helps (with the Community Engagement Lead) build the Marketing Community, and contributes to make it a vibrant and attractive place to be,


Professional skills and experiences

  • 10+ years of experience in pharmaceutical/biotech industry, at the local, regional and global levels
  • Understanding of all Pharma Value Chain activities
  • Proven experience in brand planning at different stages of asset lifecycle 
  • Preferred experience within one of the therapeutic areas of UCB
  • Proven experience leading strategic business initiatives at a global level
  • Knowledge of the mission-critical technical and functional skills needed to build a world class marketing; understanding of various types of traditional and innovative models (eg design thinking and/or agile); ability to learn new methods and technologies easily
  • Is creative; can manage innovation; brings the outside-in
  • Influences and communicates effectively with various audiences; is able to navigate ambiguity; works cross-functionally, connecting people and ideas


Personal competencies

Qualified candidates for this position will therefore need to demonstrate the following competencies as per UCB’s seven Shared Competencies model:

  • Thinking Holistically - drives organizational collaboration internally and externally to create impact; acts as an inspirational role model to encourage creative collaboration across traditional boundaries to create value; uses a deep understanding of the industry and awareness of future trends to drive forward-thinking and develop long-term perspectives within the organization
  • Working Together - Continuously drives and inspires others to live the UCB Patient Value Strategy principles (From Noise to Signal, From Tasks to Value, Space with Consistency and Helpfulness & Generosity). Is a role model for helpfulness and generosity across the organization; instills a culture of trust that builds on the diversity of internal and external stakeholders to create innovative solutions; develops and inspires new strategies that encourage connectivity and partnerships within the wider healthcare environment; capitalizes on a diverse workforce to maximize performance, creativity and patient value; fosters an organizational climate of inclusion that integrates the best ideas from many varied voices. Instills a culture of trust and respect that builds on the diversity of internal and external stakeholders to create innovative solutions. Capitalizes on a diverse workforce to maximize performance, creativity and patient value.
  • Championing Change - communicates a compelling vision that generates excitement, enthusiasm, and commitment to change; proactively searches out opportunities to talk about the vision in both formal and informal settings at all levels of the organization; role-models a sustainable level of resilience and agility; leads initiatives to change the structure, systems, or talent mix of the organization to more effectively support the business strategy; demonstrates mastery of agility in meeting changing conditions; thrives on situations involving risk and uncertainty. Role-models a sustainable level of resilience and agility. demonstrates mastery of agility in meeting changing conditions.
  • Gathering & Interpreting Information - creates and fosters a culture that enables insights generation to drive solutions that are aligned to our strategic direction; is well respected inside and outside the organization; is often pursued as a consultant for input, analysis, process support, and direction
  • Delivering Impactful Results - creates and fosters a culture which inspires the setting and attainment of ambitious value-focused targets; fosters a dynamic and flexible approach to ensure that opportunities are exploited and risks managed in a way that protects and builds value; models sound decision making and challenges others to always justify their decisions and actions against value creation; is a consummate networker who can initiate relationships within and between organizations that leverage the strengths and capabilities of all parties. Motivated by results, urgency and personal commitment 
  • Learning Through Experience - fosters a culture and mind-set of learning from successes and failures; creates an agile and supportive environment across multiple functions to encourage intellectual curiosity and innovative ideas that create value for patients and the business; is a role model for personal reflection and growth, sharing own experiences and journey to encourage others to develop themselves and strive for excellence; continually expends his or her talents and gifts to the fullest, participating in a variety of initiatives designed to build on strengths; creates a culture that provides space for innovation while ensuring strategic consistency

Leading Others Leads and inspires individuals, teams, and an entire organization to perform at a higher level in a highly matrixed organization and to embrace cha

Job Segment: Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Biology, Marketing, Science

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