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Date: Jan 19, 2019

Location: Anderlecht, Brussels, BE

Head of Patient Support and Medical Information Science




The Head of Patient Support and Medical Information Science provides oversight (governance, process and technical oversight) over all areas of medical information services and patient support programs. This includes the science related to improved intake, aggregation, data quality and analysis and interpretation from these 2 data sources to gain new insights, for all therapeutic areas in which UCB operates and for all products/solutions for which Patient Support Programs (PSPs) or Medical Information (MI) activities exist. This includes collaboration related to geographic activities (e.g. UCBCares in region, area or affiliate), as well as collaboration with respective Patient Value Units (PVUs) to generate and further share these insights from these data sources so that these can result in impact through actions/solutions at the mission level.

The aim of these activities is to partner with patients/Health Care Professionals (HCPs)/customers as a solution provider in order to generate the best possible outcome and experience in shortest possible time and to enable UCB to develop scientific insights based on the most complete medical-scientific information.

This is achieved by establishing superior partnerships, both internally and externally, to grow and communicate the knowledge, ensure quality, technology and maintenance activities around the value of our medicines/solutions throughout their lifecycle.


The 4 (four) key roles in this position are:

  1. MI and PSP activities: Provide governance and oversight, process ownership, oversight over medical information/PSP tool, analytics, tracking and reporting, oversight over creation of responses and offers, collaboration across regions for UCBCares, internal and external point of contact for medical information expertise, benchmarking in the industry, contribution to Patient Experience (PEX) project; Defining the technical competencies for the roles involved in PSP and MI across UCB.
  2. Information Science and Mobilization: This includes governance, process oversight, running and maintaining the data lake (including published and unpublished data for whole UCB), build and oversight of analytics and information tool (e.g. to inform the MI on new science to update their SRLs), collaboration with PVUs to make the analyses within PVU strategies;
  3. Engaging with the PSP and MI Communities
  4. Peer inside and outside UCB: Build an effective and broad collaborative network throughout the company and in the outside world, going beyond needs for immediate success, to contribute to others’ objectives and to overall projects that further our business and solutions for UCB and for patients.

Each of these roles requires strong leadership, both at project and at organizational level, to establish and communicate a clear vision as well as to drive and coordinate the strategies to reach this vision.




Lead and develop the Patient Support and Medical Information Science team of the Medical Affairs Practice by building the overall strategy, ensuring subsequent alignment with the patient value strategy, driving consequent cross-functional execution and collaboration, building and developing the team, and cascading to internal and external stakeholders and collaborating teams.

The following accountabilities are core components of Patient Support and Medical Information Science:


Build the Organization

In collaboration with all relevant stakeholders (mainly Team, Virtual Team, Senior Management, PVUs, PVOps, Practices and Geographies):

  • Patient Support and Medical Information Science: identify and develop the capabilities and engage network for collaboration in alignment with the Medical Affairs Practice; foster collaboration and interdependence. Develop and ensure two-way communication and feedback culture between department, PVUs, PVPs, and PVOps. Be able to integrate right talents and individuals in order to deliver superior patient solutions and experiences and ensure compliancevto all regulations and legislations. Provide strategic department contribution and leadership to drive deliverables of the cross-company network.
  • Governance of Patient Support and Medical Information Science: Establish and engage governance and oversight of complete organisation and processes of Medical Information/Patient Support Programs/Information Science in the team and in all UCB Geographies. Drive growth and shared accountability of the patient solution mind set and attitude to effectively deliver on objectives. Identify solutions for process improvement, and further develop related policies and SOPs.
  • Medical Affairs Community: Develop the network and collaboration on all medical aspects around Medical Information/Patient Support Programs/Information Science and Data Mobilization; foster collaboration and interdependence. Build, engage, and make visible the medical community integrated into a wider medical network. Contribute to continued strengthening and constant alignment of the Patient Support and Information Science expertise with PVUs and PVOps.


Co-create for UCB: as senior leader, foster and demonstrate by example UCB Values, UCB Priorities and the Patient Value mindset, attitude and practice. Continuously strive for improvement.


Build the Business

In collaboration with all relevant stakeholders (mainly Team, Virtual Team, Senior Management, PVUs, PVOps, Practices and Geographies):

  • Develop the overall strategic vision and deliver against the priorities and operations for the cross-functional strategy; ensure that appropriate plans are developed, implemented, and balanced across the regions, and resources are dynamically allocated, in order to achieve the approved objectives within budget.
  • Measure and evaluate internal performance/delivery versus defined priorities; proactively monitor and adjust to ensure optimized impact and shared accountability.
  • Challenge traditional approaches/status quo by fostering innovation towards value creation along the Patient Value Model.
  • Manage and oversee the Patient Support and Medical Information Science budget to support the Medical Affairs Practice in the integrated patient value strategy.
  • Identify, prioritize and communicate knowledge on Medical Information/Patient Support Programs/Information Science and Data Mobilization in short, medium and long term.
  • Ensure Medical Information/PSP/Information Science and Data Mobilization system and process is established, rolled out, tracked and controlled. Strive for continuous improvement through co-creation with the Geographies and PVU not only ensure quality standards are adhered but also user experience is raising.
  • Develop together with PVU tailored Data Collection, Analysis and Integration of existing and to be developed data sets to be used to generate solutions within the PVU strategy. Ensure compliance with all applicable standards.
  • Develop together with PVUs and Geographies new ways of partnering with Patients/HCPs/Customers to answer and engage and offer tailored solutions and to generate superior experiences just in time.
  • Work closely with both internal and external experts to increase the understanding of the available data and generate and mobilize the acquired knowledge.




  • In-depth knowledge of pharmaceutical industry and related business compliance
  • Minimum of 10 years’ experience in Medical Affairs or Clinical Research
  • Minimum of 5 years’ operational experience
  • Minimum of 5 years’ corporate experience
  • Sufficient experience on people management in line and matrix organizations
  • Medical qualification is a strong plus
  • Therapy area experience is a plus




Medical, scientific and therapeutic area expertise:
Maintains extensive knowledge of therapeutic areas, diseases, unmet needs, clinical practice, research and development, regulatory, market access environment, and the competitive landscape; applies this knowledge to develop differentiated patient solutions

  • Provides medical and scientific leadership to cross-functional teams to design and implement patient solutions
  • Drives patient solution development and implementation and is the accountable person while ensuring integration within a cross-functional environment


Strategic and innovative leadership:

Uses innovative medical and scientific approaches and agile decision making to identify, build, and implement patient solutions ensuring long term business sustainability

  • Architects innovative medical and scientific approaches to create differentiated patient solutions
  • Stimulates novel thinking and medical and scientific innovation by both exhibiting and empowering agile learning from successes and failures
  • Thinks beyond own subject/functional area, interprets macro trends and implications, and strategically aligns internal and external partners to drive agile development and implementation of innovative patient solutions


Patient engagement:

Creates and implements patient-focused and patient-driven solutions that engage patients and internal/external stakeholders to understand the patient’s disease journey, finds solutions to their needs, and makes UCB the patient-preferred biotech leader

  • Anticipates emerging patient expectations and associated opportunities/challenges in the external environment and contributes to the evolution of the Patient Value Strategy
  • Leads projects and empowers teams with a patient engagement mind-set, and aligns colleagues on patient values that underlie projects
  • Empowers and influences internal and external stakeholders effectively to co-create patient engagement strategies
  • Designs and shares methods to engage with patients to create the insights needed for applicable projects to add patient impact and value
  • Creates patient-centric initiatives and builds trustful relationships with patients and patient organizations in a compliant and fair-balanced way


Business acumen:
Anticipates trends and interprets signals in the ecosystem of care and maintains a holistic perspective of Medical activities and combines this view with a patient-value focus and business understanding to develop high-impact solutions

  • Encourages, coaches and/or mentors colleagues to adopt a business mind-set
  • Influences the shaping of frameworks, partnerships, policies and guidelines to positively impact business outcomes
  • Anticipates and leverages changes in the ecosystem of care to plan and drive development of appropriate, innovative and mutually beneficial plans
  • Proactively uses relationships with external stakeholders to maintain knowledge and develop advocates
  • Challenges teams to ensure the value concept analysis is robust, and effectively aligns resources to deliver high-impact solutions


Successful partnering:

Leverages and maximizes the diversity of the Medical Affairs community to establish and maintain trusted internal and external partnerships to achieve results and improve patient value through discussion and influence

  • Leads an inclusive and connected Medical Affairs culture that creates and sustains patient value activities for UCB
  • Is recognized as a role model by internal and external partners for generating successful networks and fostering the value of Medical Affairs across the organization
  • Builds a culture of transparency and respect around negotiating and agreeing mutually beneficial strategies and approaches with a diverse workforce that steps outside tradition and delivers benefits to all parties


Medical Governance:
Works collaboratively to ensure the highest healthcare principles and standards are upheld, while creating agile frameworks and programs to deliver results that maximize patient value

  • Inspires a culture focused on the highest standards
  • Advises and influences senior management on critical governance decisions
  • Creates a culture that encourages colleagues to seek out opportunities to improve and streamline processes and procedures
  • Drives overall organizational capability in program  management, focused on agility, sustainability, efficiency and measurable results in all relevant areas of the business
  • Champions a culture that encourages learning and experimentation with digital and technological solutions



Job Segment: Biotech, Medical, Law, Pharmaceutical, Science, Healthcare, Legal, Research

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