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At UCB, patients are at the heart of everything we do, and our long-term commitment to people living with dermatological diseases is profound. As UCB has grown and continues to expand our presence in the dermatology space, we strive to address the unmet needs of people living with dermatological diseases.  Our scientific endeavors are informed by patient communities and the healthcare professionals (HCPs) who serve them. UCB's over 9,000 team members are focused on creating value for people living with severe diseases in immunology and other areas where our expertise and innovation align with unmet needs. This is also what drives our high investments in R&D: in 2023 we invested 31% of our revenue in R&D. Our team collaborates to unite ideas, science, and innovation, advancing the field to the benefit of patients.  We are bold, confident, intentional, and passionate in our commitment and our work.

It’s an exciting time to join our team! We are looking for people who have…

•   A passion for serving a patient population with significant unmet needs
•   A strong desire to lead with a results-oriented, team-minded approach
•  A deep curiosity about healthcare ecosystems and payor environments 

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Hear from some of our leaders

“At UCB, our enduring commitment to patients is matched only by our profound dedication to scientific endeavors. The treatments we aspire to deliver are ultimately inspired by our interactions with patient communities and healthcare professionals, and the deep impression these interactions leave with our team.”

-Camille Lee, Head of US Immunology
“UCB’s commitment to people living with dermatological diseases like hidradenitis suppurativa is nearly unmatched. We are proud to work alongside healthcare professionals in our shared and resolute commitment to improving the lives of patients.”

-Rhonda Peebles, Head of US Dermatology
“We are building a team of exceptional professionals who are capable, passionate, and prepared to delve into the dermatology market. Our team members know we can put our faith behind UCB’s leading-edge science, and our dermatology leaders recognize that the expertise of our sales professionals is instrumental in ensuring patient access to treatments.”

-Andy Porto, Head of US Dermatology Sales
“At UCB, we are unwavering in our commitment to people living with dermatological diseases like hidradenitis suppurativa. This carries over into our bold approach to science, discovery, and the opportunities we embrace to bring new treatments to patient communities with unmet needs.” 
-Cheryl Westbrook, Brand Lead Dermatology
“A career at UCB is an opportunity to drive the advancement of patient-centered science and innovation in dermatology. Our work at UCB is inspired by people who are living with severe diseases, like hidradenitis suppurativa, who generously share their disease journeys, experiences, and unmet needs. Our collaborations with patient communities and HCPs allow us to meet our aim of supporting patients in living their best lives.”

-Tiffany Crawford, Head of Marketing Dermatology
Tiffany Crawford head and shoulder shot

Learn more about our work in hidradenitis suppurativa (HS)

UCB’s approach to dermatology is exemplified in HS, a chronic inflammatory disease, where we are taking bold strides and building meaningful partnerships with the medical and patient communities. A career at UCB in HS is a unique and exciting opportunity to contribute to addressing these patient needs. As part of our HS team you will help redefine access and value for patients and their HCPs in this untapped marketplace. You will have countless opportunities to explore new ideas and seize opportunities to drive growth for yourself in a supportive, collaborative environment. We are united in our desire to create value and help patients with HS live the lives they aspire to—now and into the future.
Hear from members of the Immunology team and learn more about how our recently launched disease-state education campaign, Make HStory, designed to empower people living with HS, is driving awareness.

Learn more about how UCB’s commitment to people living with dermatological diseases, like HS, drives our continuous innovation. Visit the UCB dermatology webpage

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