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AIESEC Program


The AIESEC Program aims to offer you a traineeship experience outside of your home country. Most of our trainees are based in Belgium, Germany and the US. We have positions located in HR, Finance, Communications, Project Management, and so on.

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  • Graduate Program


    The Graduate Program aims to develop the careers of young graduates at UCB in Belgium. Our program envisions a mentorship and career development plan where our graduates can build their journey inside UCB, develop their skills through practical learning and impact the business.

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Student Internship Program in Belgium


The Student Internship Program in Belgium for undergraduates offers a great experience. We have many opportunities within UCB to share our knowledge and learn from students. We welcome trainees from many countries. You can enroll in this program from 1 month up to 12 months. Compensation can vary depending on the length of your internship. We have undergraduates from bachelors, Masters and PHDs - from diverse backgrounds.

  • V.I.E Program


    The VIE program was created with the aim of enabling French companies to expand their activities internationally while offering an attractive international contract to young people in France and Europe under certain conditions. Our participants work from 12 months to 24 months in their programs. We have joiners from all sorts of backgrounds.

Dual Study Program Germany


At UCB Germany, we offer two dual study programs: International Management & Business Administration (B.A.) as well as Medical Economics (B.Sc.). The dual study program combines academic learning and practical knowledge. Participants in these programs complete an apprenticeship as an industrial management assistant. They gain work experience in the company as they attend extra-occupational evening courses at the university - in other words, two degrees within three years.

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  • Internship Program in Switzerland

    At UCB Bulle, Switzerland, we believe that interns have an essential role to play in our strategy of creating value for patients. Therefore, we make it our utmost priority to provide you great, yet challenging, experiences that will surely add value and enhance your employability. You will be immersed in an attractive, innovative, inclusive and caring environment. We regularly offer internship opportunities for Bachelor and master's degree thesis as a first job experience.Send us your application using documents or visual aids that suit you (cover letter, video, etc.) or reach us for more information at: